Can USA Basketball capture gold in 2008 Olympics?

Lebron James has guaranteed that the US will capture the gold medal for basketball in the Olympics.  This is a bold statement coming from an NBA player who has yet to win an NBA title.  This US Olympic Basketball team is a great collaboration of NBA talent.  It comes down not to talent as the US learned at the last Olympics in Athens but it comes down to how well they can play international basketball. 




I think the US Men’s Olympic basketball team will compete for a medal.  Will they get a gold medal, silver medal, or bronze medal?  Who knows.  I am still standing by Lithuania to win a gold medal.  I think it would be great if Lithuania played the USA in the final game to determine who gets the gold and silver medals.


GO Lithuania!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!










2 thoughts on “Can USA Basketball capture gold in 2008 Olympics?

  1. I am totally waiting for the Olympics. I agree that it will be entertaining – I don’t like it that people already think the NBA team (sorry team USA) is going to win. Considering they have not won much in the last 6 years, I think they should seriously wait till the team wins.

    Being from India – which doesn’t have anything like a basketball team, I am perfectly happy to just watch it for the games.

  2. How many gold metals can Men and Women USA basketball win every 4 years. Because I don’t understand team sport how they do the metals..

    please resond im dying to know…
    email me at

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