New NBA Team Name – Oklahoma City ?

Well the Seattle Sonics are no more.  Oklahoma City will be the new home for this franchise.  The NBA will pick between six different nicknames for the league’s new Oklahoma City franchise: Barons, Bison, Energy, Marshalls, Thunder and Wind.

My favorite name is not on there, the Bandits.  It would make sense since they stole the team from Seattle with a commitment to make it work in Seattle.  In reality, the new owner and the NBA had plans to relocate from the beginning.  With the remaining names that the NBA will focus on, I like the Barons or the Thunder.  I thought Marshalls only had one “l” in it.  it would be funny to have an NBA team named the Marshalls and then kids growing up would think the word marshal is spelt with two “l”s.  hmmmmmmm!

We will find out the new name soon, the new NBA season is right around the corner.


3 thoughts on “New NBA Team Name – Oklahoma City ?

  1. I am still ticked off that the NBA pulled the rug from under the team in Seattle. That was so sad and made me even more disillusioned with the league.

    I agree, the Swindlers sounds like a great name.

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