Indescribable – Chris Tomlin Video

I ran across this video on YouTube.  Indescribable is one of my favorite worship songs.  I really like the video this person put together with this song.  It is just amazing to look at the different aspects of creation and realize the creative genius of God.  I honestly believe you have to be a fool to accept the theory of evolution.  After watching this video, there is no doubt in my mind that there is a holy awesome God that created every aspect of this planet and our universe.  How often do we spend time taking a look at what God has created and marvel at His creative ability?


2 thoughts on “Indescribable – Chris Tomlin Video

  1. It’s a good song. I enjoy it as well. However, it is just a song. It can’t convince me (and hopefully no one else, either) one way or the other in the creationism/evolution debate.

  2. I believe when you look at all the differnt species of life that exsist on this planet, it points to a Creator. i think it is too improbable that by chance we are the right distance from the sun (not too hot or too cold), that by some chance something cause a pile of goo to begin evolving. Not just evolving into one life form but multiple life forms and at the same time having the right enviornment to sustain life. I can continue to go indepth in regard to the affect of the plant life has on us and the envoirnment but I leave it there. Lookins at the complexity of the human body is just amazing.
    The more I examine the different forms of animal life and human life, the complexity points to a Creator. It makes the most sense.
    That’s why I think this video is awesome.

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