I miss my family

The other weekend I drove up to my mom’s house with my wife and kids.  My mom and my brother live in Washington State and we live in Southern California.  My wife needed to get away for part of the summer.  It was a long but fun drive.  That following Monday I flew back to Southern California  and it was back to work for me.

Well, this whole week I had been really sick.  I am extremely congested and have a wicked cough.  The company I work for does not have sick days, so I had the wonderful opportunity to  be at work sick.  Finally, when I got home on Friday, I went straight to bed.  I slept for about 12 hours and then went to work for a few hours on Saturday.  Well I enjoyed some extra rest on Saturday.  I am feeling better today (Sunday).  I did some work around the house and even went to church.

I have been back since Monday and the house is so empty.  I miss my wife and kids so much.  Talking to them over the phone is not the same.  Seeing pictures of them over the Internet is making me sad.  I enjoy ever moment I do get to talk with both my  wife and kids on the phone and seeing the photos. I know I will be seeing them soon but still the house is too quiet without them.