Squirrel Bridge – Longview, WA

On our trip home, we decided to stop by Longview in Washington to see the only known Squirrel Bridge in the world.  It was a good distraction for the kids and a good stop for us to stretch.  They knew our first stop on our trip would be the Nutty Narrows Bridge and the boy was looking forward to it.


Squirrels seem to be a running joke in my family. At my mom’s old house, my mom had a birdhouse full of seeds for the birds.  The bird house was more like a bird mansion.  Many times the local squirrels would hang out, eat up the seeds, and leave a huge mess.  Anytime my mom saw a squirrel eating the bird seeds, she would scream, run outside, and then choose her weapon of choice: a broom or the water hose.  Today, my mom no longer has squirrels in her backyard but we, her loving family, love to give her anything that has to do with squirrels.

Longview is about two hours south of Seattle and 1 hour north of Portland.  My mom and brother told us about the squirrel bridge and we knew we had to go.  My brother was planning to drive down there with us but he got sick.  Of course, as we drove it began to rain but when we arrived in Longview the rain had passed.  It took us awhile to find the street where the squirrel bridge is located at.  Eventually we drove back to the library and looked up.  We saw the bridge.  It is quite small but it is for squirrels.  The park next to the library does have a statue of a giant squirrel.


2 thoughts on “Squirrel Bridge – Longview, WA

  1. Hi, Viktorb:

    I’m writing an article about squirrel bridges and would like to ask your permission to use one of your shots of the Nutty Narrows Bridge. Please email me and let me know what you think.


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