Sunday Football

I hate living in Los Angeles.  Every Sunday, we get the pleasure of watching our local teams.  We will get to watch either the Los Angeles Raiders or the Los Angeles Rams play on television.  Also we get to watch the Los Angeles Chargers.  I forgot none of these teams play in Los Angeles but it seems both CBS and Fox like to show them anyways.

  Fox was kind to us, the viewing public, and the afternoon game was between the New Orleans Saints and the Denver Broncos.  The morning game on CBS was the Oakland Raiders against the Buffalo Bills.  Why not just pick the best morning game and air it.  I am enjoying the afternoon game on CBS with the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Kansas City Chiefs have only one goal this season, lose.  It is in their best interest to lose so they will  get a good draft pick in draft next year.  I think Kansas City and the Rams are the worst teams in the NFL this year.  i was happy to see that Miami beat the Patriots today.  I am very happy that Buffalo beat the Raiders because I picked Buffalo  to win this weekend for my Last Man Standing. 

i like tonight’s game and the Green Bay Packers.  I know everyone likes the Dallas Cowboys to win the Superbowl and to be honest I think they will but they will still lose tonight, go Packers!  A little warning to all you San Diego fans,  the Jets are going to win this Monday night.  Brett Farve’s nickname is Mr Monday night and we will all be talking about it on Tuesday morning.  What ever happened to the Madden curse?


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