Changing Gears!!!!

I am confused why I started this blog.  It seems my thoughts have been all over the place.  If you have read my blog at all, I tend to wander to different topics.

First off, this NFL season is horrible.  With Tom Brady out, I have no desire to root for the New England Patriots.  I thought with Brady out, now Peyton Manning and the Colts have a shot at another Super Bowl.  What is wrong with the Colts?  The only joy I have in regards to football is the fact that the Chargers are only 1-2. 

As for the kids, we have two very independent children on our hands.  I can’t believe how fast time is going by with these two kids.  My boy will start kindergarten next year and my princess has a mind of her own.  Anytime I ask her to do something she will say “I don’t want to.”  Anytime I see her up to no good, she will say “Go away.”  This worries me because she is only two.  We are truly blessed on how well they both get along and it is great to see how much they both love each other.

i truely miss going out with my wife.  Ever since her parents moved back to Lithuania, we just don’t get out as much, just the two of us.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the time we spend with the kids but I so miss our time too.

So what is this whole changing gears mean?  I think for the rest of year, I want to change the focus of my blog.  I want to go back to the basics.  I think I have been trying to present entries to please the reader or to create more traffic to the blog. So what will I blog about and what direction will I take?  Who knows?  I just think I need to change it up a little.


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