Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – Movie/DVD Review

I was excited to pick up the latest installment of the Indiana Jones series, The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  The last one was so good that I knew this one had to be.  I guess I made a bad assumption. 

The plot is very unbelievable.  The Russians infiltrate a US military base in Nevada during the 1950’s.  Of course, it is Area 51 and the Russians want what the US recovered at an alien crash at Roswell.  The story leads us to South America and the search for  El Dorado’s City of Gold. Spoiler alert: We learn during this movie that Indiana has a son played by Shia LeBeouf. Of course, Indiana Jones is able to discover the City of Gold and the secret behind our alien visitors.  The story is alright but a little bit out there. 

I just noticed that George Lucas helped to write the story so it all makes sense.  While watching the movie I swore I saw a light saber, just kidding.  If you have not seen it, don’t waste your time.  Enjoy the first three movies and skip this one.  This movie has officially killed the franchise for me. 

Note to Steven Spielberg, do whatever you can to destroy every copy of this movie.  Note to Shia LeBeouf, just keep making Transformers movies.  I can’t wait for Transformers 2.  Note to Harrison Ford, time to move on to a new role.  I liked you in Air Force One and What Lies Beneath, keep those roles coming.


Porter Ranch & Sylmar Fires

Wow, it has been awhile since our last major fire in the LA Area.  The winds have picked up, the leaves are finally falling off the trees, and fall is finally here in Los Angeles area.  It seeems like we went from hot weather to cold to warm again. 

I am a couple of cities over from the fire but you can defineately see and smell the smoke.  There have been some interesting picture off the internet.  LA Times website has a cool photo.  It seems like the winds died down out here, I hope the fire does not continue to flare up.

A Mouse in the BBQ

It was not the weekend we planned.  First, my little princess got sick.  My son was sick most of last week and he gave her what he had.  We struggled giving her medicine and she would say, ” I don’t want it.”  To be honest, I was a bit worried at night time on Friday and Saturday with her fever and cough.  It seems that her fever is finally going away today (Monday). 

Sunday, I decided to use the BBQ.  I had been marinading the steak for a couple days and was ready to fire up the grill.  I open the grill and saw a field mouse lounging on the coals.  I closed the lid and ran into the house.  After a few minutes I went back outside and opened the grill.  It looked like the mouse was gone.  I fired up the grill and the next thing I noticed, a mouse was still in the grill.  He was trying to jump out of the top of the grill but he could not fit.  Well, it seemed like I waited an eternity but I finally ventured outside with my wife to see if the mouse was dead.  As we approach the grill we saw the  mouse drop out of the bottom of the BBQ and run out of the yard.

After the excitement, my wife and I decided not to BBQ the steak.  We ended up picking up pizza from a hole in the wall pizza place down the street.  My kids barely ate any of the pizza.

I am glad we skipped Disneyland this weekend

We have year passes to Disneyland but we have not been able to go back since June.  We were planning to go the last few weekends but I wanted to wait until the park was decorated for Halloween.  This was the first weekend it was going to be decorated so we were thinking of going until I heard about what was planned for this weekend.  No, I am not talking about Miley Cyrus’ birthday but it just so happens that this weekend is Gay Days  celebration at Disneyland.

I did a little research and realized that this is a huge weekend event planned for in the city of Anaheim and Disney theme parks, Disneyland and California Adventure.  I am sure happy we decided to go to the LA Zoo instead. 

I was talking to one of my fellow employees at work and she was planning to take her daughter and friends that Saturday.  I told her that this weekend was Gay Days at Disneyland but she did not seemed too concerned.  She already explained that lifestyle to her daughter.

Monday morning, she told me that going to Disneyland on that Saturday was one of the worst experiences of her life.  While waiting in line for the Jungle Cruise ride, she witnessed two gay men making out.  Numerous times throughout the park she saw many homosexuals grabbing other people’s butts.  She also noticed that many of the shirts worn by some gay men and lesbian women had extremely vulgar sayings on them.  She had noticed some homosexuals posing for picturing making crude comments about certain parts of their anatomy.

I greatly disagree with the homosexual lifestyle yet I realize that many people out there are proud to be gay but show the rest of us some respect.  If you want to hold event declaring your gay pride, fine.  Why not at these events show some level of decency. Disneyland is a family theme park and you should respect the families that may disagree with your lifestyle.  Why not cutback on the level of public displays of affection.

I would like to warn families about events such as this in the future.  This event is an held at Disneyland and Disneyworld each year.  To be honest if I saw a couple either homosexual or heterosexual making out at Disneyland, I would tell them to go get a room.  Anyone should realize that Disneyland is a family friendly theme park.  When a person attends a place as such, all that I am asking, is to show some respect to those around you.  

I still can’t understand, why Disneyland allows such behavior to take place in their theme park.  Disneyland has a right to refuse service to anyone.  If someones actions create an unfriendly environment, then they should kick them out.  If allowing a Gay Day celebration at Disneyland creates a unfriendly family environment then they should not allow it.  It is time to make a stand and I know if Walt Disney were alive today, he would have never allowed a Gay Day celebration at his theme park. Not because of their lifestyle choice but because of the level of decency shown by some homosexuals creates an environment that is not family friendly.

My Little Princess is going through the terrible twos

I have to say, that my son seems to do well when we go out.  My little princess on the other hand is a wild one.  I know, it is the terrible twos and this is going to be one long year.  My daughter can also scream. 

Our day started good with a trip to the LA Zoo.  It was very cloudy today with some sprinkles, not your typical LA weather.  While walking around at the zoo, we did get a little bit wet.  It may have been wet but the gorillas were fun to watch and they were quite active.  Both my son and daughter got tired and did not want to walk, they both wanted to be carried.  I guess we should have brought the stroller.  My son likes to ride on my shoulders and my daughter likes to be carried.

We finally made it back to the car and my wife wanted to go check out the studio lots.  I guess Ellen has a billboard on the WB lot and she wanted to check it out.  Ellen had replaced her billboard with another picture, The George Clooney Watch.  Ellen has offices next to Clooney but has not met him yet.  Alas, she is watching out for George Clooney.  We found the lot after a few minute of driving but the Clooney Watch billboard was gone, bummer. 

After stopping by McDonalds, we set off for Ikea.  Yes, the store you could spend an entire day in and still not see everything in it.  I call this the store of torture for men.  It has a lot of cool furniture and stuff but it is just too much square footage to walk around.  We were actually looking for two items specifically, a loft bed for my son and a Futon.  My daughter was not too happy sitting in the shopping cart but at least my son was doing really good in the shopping cart.  My daughter was crying and screaming as we walked through the store.  We were able to look at the loft beds but it took us awhile to find the futons.  (Again too much square footage.)  We were almost at the futons and a kind IKEA employee offered us two coupons for free frozen yogurt for the kids.  That was nice but I wonder.  We were on the second floor and the the frozen yogurt is down stairs by the registers by the exit.    HMMMMMMMMM.

We rushed through IKEA, with our crying/screaming daughter, who by the way did not have one tear, grabbed a few items, and picked up our free frozen yogurt.  I took two large items to the car while my wife took the kids to get the frozen yogurt.  We had a few small items left in the cart so after we ate the frozen yogurt, I took my little princess with me to the car and my wife took my son to the bookstore. Parking for IKEA in Burbank is across the street in a parking structure.  I decided to take the stairs up to my parking space.  Half ways walking up the stairs, my little princess decides she does not want to walk.  Since I am the softy, I pick her up in one hand and carry the items in the other hand.

After we load up the car with the small items, I tell her we are going to the bookstore.  Of course, she has no problem walking down the stairs.  We spent about 15 minutes at the bookstore before we made our trek home. I suggested letting the kids watch an episode of the Backyardigans in the car and my son fell asleep imediately but my daughter was awake for the whole show.  I decide to turn it off and of course, she threw a fit for about five minutes.  Both my daughter and son took a good nap in the car.  Two sleeping kids in the back of the car, priceless.

It may have been a long day but it was still a fun family outing!

WB Studio Lot

WB Studio Lot