My Little Princess is going through the terrible twos

I have to say, that my son seems to do well when we go out.  My little princess on the other hand is a wild one.  I know, it is the terrible twos and this is going to be one long year.  My daughter can also scream. 

Our day started good with a trip to the LA Zoo.  It was very cloudy today with some sprinkles, not your typical LA weather.  While walking around at the zoo, we did get a little bit wet.  It may have been wet but the gorillas were fun to watch and they were quite active.  Both my son and daughter got tired and did not want to walk, they both wanted to be carried.  I guess we should have brought the stroller.  My son likes to ride on my shoulders and my daughter likes to be carried.

We finally made it back to the car and my wife wanted to go check out the studio lots.  I guess Ellen has a billboard on the WB lot and she wanted to check it out.  Ellen had replaced her billboard with another picture, The George Clooney Watch.  Ellen has offices next to Clooney but has not met him yet.  Alas, she is watching out for George Clooney.  We found the lot after a few minute of driving but the Clooney Watch billboard was gone, bummer. 

After stopping by McDonalds, we set off for Ikea.  Yes, the store you could spend an entire day in and still not see everything in it.  I call this the store of torture for men.  It has a lot of cool furniture and stuff but it is just too much square footage to walk around.  We were actually looking for two items specifically, a loft bed for my son and a Futon.  My daughter was not too happy sitting in the shopping cart but at least my son was doing really good in the shopping cart.  My daughter was crying and screaming as we walked through the store.  We were able to look at the loft beds but it took us awhile to find the futons.  (Again too much square footage.)  We were almost at the futons and a kind IKEA employee offered us two coupons for free frozen yogurt for the kids.  That was nice but I wonder.  We were on the second floor and the the frozen yogurt is down stairs by the registers by the exit.    HMMMMMMMMM.

We rushed through IKEA, with our crying/screaming daughter, who by the way did not have one tear, grabbed a few items, and picked up our free frozen yogurt.  I took two large items to the car while my wife took the kids to get the frozen yogurt.  We had a few small items left in the cart so after we ate the frozen yogurt, I took my little princess with me to the car and my wife took my son to the bookstore. Parking for IKEA in Burbank is across the street in a parking structure.  I decided to take the stairs up to my parking space.  Half ways walking up the stairs, my little princess decides she does not want to walk.  Since I am the softy, I pick her up in one hand and carry the items in the other hand.

After we load up the car with the small items, I tell her we are going to the bookstore.  Of course, she has no problem walking down the stairs.  We spent about 15 minutes at the bookstore before we made our trek home. I suggested letting the kids watch an episode of the Backyardigans in the car and my son fell asleep imediately but my daughter was awake for the whole show.  I decide to turn it off and of course, she threw a fit for about five minutes.  Both my daughter and son took a good nap in the car.  Two sleeping kids in the back of the car, priceless.

It may have been a long day but it was still a fun family outing!

WB Studio Lot

WB Studio Lot


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