A Mouse in the BBQ

It was not the weekend we planned.  First, my little princess got sick.  My son was sick most of last week and he gave her what he had.  We struggled giving her medicine and she would say, ” I don’t want it.”  To be honest, I was a bit worried at night time on Friday and Saturday with her fever and cough.  It seems that her fever is finally going away today (Monday). 

Sunday, I decided to use the BBQ.  I had been marinading the steak for a couple days and was ready to fire up the grill.  I open the grill and saw a field mouse lounging on the coals.  I closed the lid and ran into the house.  After a few minutes I went back outside and opened the grill.  It looked like the mouse was gone.  I fired up the grill and the next thing I noticed, a mouse was still in the grill.  He was trying to jump out of the top of the grill but he could not fit.  Well, it seemed like I waited an eternity but I finally ventured outside with my wife to see if the mouse was dead.  As we approach the grill we saw the  mouse drop out of the bottom of the BBQ and run out of the yard.

After the excitement, my wife and I decided not to BBQ the steak.  We ended up picking up pizza from a hole in the wall pizza place down the street.  My kids barely ate any of the pizza.


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