Halloween Etiquette

We decided to take our kids to the mall this year for trick or treating. The first time we went, my son made out like a bandit but the last two years, it seems the stores in the mall are being cheap.  I now have two kids trick or treating and they are getting about half of what he got that one year between the both of them.  I was shocked to watch some stores give out only one tootsie roll.  These stores charge us an arm and a leg when we shop at them and why can’t they spend a few bucks on candy to hand out to the kids, get real!  Please note, there were a few small shops that had closed their businesses for the evening but sat in front of their shop just to pass out candy, that was very cool.

Around seven, we made it back home and we took the kids trick or treating around our neighborhood.  We live in a townhouse complex and it was a great spot to hit a lot of homes in a short amount of time.  I told my kids the rule:  if the light is on, then we can knock.  The first place we went to, the neighbors were outside talking and had their porch light on,  so we my kids said “Trick or Treat.”  Well the ladies who were outside, ran into their place and one of the guys kindly said that they have no candy.  I would like to warn anyone that if you don’t have candy, then please stay inside and turn off your porch light.  This will make for a less uncomfortable situation.  We did end up with a lot of the other neighbors giving my kids much more candy than I had expected.


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