NFL is back

As a Chiefs’ fan I was shocked to see K.C. score 24 points against Baltimore without Matt Cassell.  They still lost but this gives me hope for the Chiefs next year. I have not seen any highlights of the game yet but at least the Chiefs will win a few games.  the Chiefs need a better offensive line to compete in the NFL.

I saw a little bit of the NY Jets games.  Sanchez does not look like a rookie and he looked like a veteran quarterback out there.  The Jets look good but again they are in the same division as the New England Patriots. 

I was happy to see Brett Farve back in the NFL but the true question is how long  will he last?  If he lasts the whole season, the Vikings have a chance.  I really like Peterson at running back and Farve no longer has to pile up passing yards to win the game. 

Well the Arizona Cardinals lost to the S.F. 49ners.  I am not a huge 49ners fan but I knew the Arizona Cardinals are going to have a tough year. The NFC West is a weak division and it is going to be an open race for this division.  I think the Seattle Seahawks will win this division.

My favorite team to watch this year looks like the New Orleans Saints. I know they played Detroit but it was still a great win.  if you had Drew Brees as your Fantasy football quarterback then you are  really happy with today’s results.  I like both the New Orleans Saints and the Atalanta Falcons.

I am rooting for the Falcons since Tony Gonzales is playing for them.  This will help out matt Ryan this year with another huge target to pass to.  i have heard the Falcons have a hard schedule this year.

Last comment for today. I can not believe that McNabb went down with a broken rib.  It is sure a good thing that they signed Vick to the team.  This might be a quarterback controversy in the making?  I know Vick can’t play for two more weeks but he will get his chance.

We have two good games for Monday night.  Alright I think both games are going to be a blow out.  Yes the Chargers are going to slaughter the Raiders and the Patriots are going to beat the Bills easily.  Oh, but Terrel Owens will have a touchdown for the Bills but it won’t be enough.