Kayaking in Lithuania – Day Two

After a cold night, we awoke to another beautiful day.  We enjoyed or coffee and tea along with some pasta my brother-in law cooked over the fire. We even filled some of our empty bottles with water from a natural spring close to the lake.  Wow, was that water cold.  After a morning swim, we finally torn down our campsite, put our gear in our kayaks, and off we went for day two of our adventure.

Today was a bit different.  We spent less time on the lakes and more time kayaking in the rivers.  Of course, it was easier to kayak on a river than a lake.  It seems on the lake, when I was oaring, I was using too much power with my right arm and when I was oaring with the left, I was not putting enough strength into it.  Instead of kayaking straight across the lake, we ended up zigzagging across it. 

The river was a whole different story.  Less oaring was required when going down the river.  We just need to compensate more for the bends in the rivers.  The scenery was spectacular going down these rivers.  Looking into the water you see a whole different world than what was above the water.

IMG_2947 IMG_2948

We made it to our first stop.  It was a point where we had to take our kayaks across a road. There river did continue under the road to the other side. The other side was a little recreational area where many of the locals enjoyed the water gushing out.  There was a little market and place to grab a bit to eat.  We enjoyed some beer, saltibarsciai (fresh beet soup), and some ice cream.  We picked up a couple of snacks and continue with our journey down the river.

IMG_2971 IMG_2972

After a nice time floating down the river, we finally made it to another lake.  We kayaked a little further across the lake to our final stop of the day.  It would be here where we would set up camp for the night.


Lithuanian Music

On my European vacation I was exposed to a lot of Lithuanian music.  It seems every other day there was a concert on television.  To be honest it was not all that bad.  Here is a youtube video of Agne and Radzi.

Agne ir Radzi – Verksi Tu

European Vacation Part 1

I have almost been back for over a month.  So many things I haven’t done yet. I guess I will start blogging about my trip to Lithuania.

The flight over was not that bad.  I had to make some last minute arrangements for my trip.  I booked my vacation in January and it seems that route was no longer in service.  After a brief discussion at the desk I was accommodated for this problem.  To keep my schedule, I was given a first class ticket to Detroit and there I hopped onto my international flight to Amsterdam.  I made it in time to Amsterdam to catch my flight to Lithuania. 

Quick note to anyone who will ever fly Lithuania Airlines.  It may be a cheap airline ticket but if you want a snack or a beverage, such as water or soda, then you have to pay for it.   I understand business but let’s get real.  I cannot take any drinks on the plane due to security restrictions but then when I get on the plane if I want a refreshment I have to pay for it.  This is a horrible business practice.

Well after that little disclaimer, I made it in time to Lithuania.  I was a little thirsty when I got there but I made it. Currently the airport in Vilnius is under a renovation.  Every person leaving or coming must exit the airplane and board a bus to and from the terminal.  Hopefully they will be done with this renovation soon.