Activites with Toddlers in Southern California – LA Zoo

   Well it is another beautiful sunny weekend in California.  My wife and I were set to take the kids to the LA Zoo.  It was not too hot and it was a short drive.  The La Zoo is locate at Griffith Park in Los Angeles and parking is always free. Tickets to the zoo are $10 for adults (13 and up) and $5 for kids (2 to 12).  Kids under 2 are free.  After much thinking my wife and I decided to get a year pass for the family for only $75.  This pass can be used to get into other participating  zoos throughout California and the US at a discounted price.  There is a list of around 140 zoos and aquariums that offer either discounted admissions or free admissions with the LA Zoo pass.

The LA Zoo has many exhibits to enjoy.  The monkeys were quite active today as were the giraffes.  There is even a petting zoo for the little kids to enjoy.  It was funny to watch my 3 1/2 year old son scared to get close to any off the animals in the petting zoo but my 21 month year old daughter who seems to have no fear when she gets around the animals.   The zoo has many different animals to see.  My son enjoyed the zoo more than my daughter.  The zoo has an assortment of animals from zebras to apes and gorillas to camels and even a spider exhibit. 

The zoo is a fun place for the kids to see some cool animals but let me give one warning.  Be prepared to do some walking and if you have kids, I would recommend a stroller for them.  My daughter spent a lot of time in the stroller and my son spent a little time in it as well.  There is a guided tram for an additional price that will take you around the zoo and make stops at various exhibits.  The LA Zoo is great day adventure for the kids!

LA Zoo FlamingoosLA Zoo - CamelLA Zoo - ElephantLA Zoo - Zebras


The Legend of Superbowl 42

         Most Superbowl tend to be over-hyped. Superbowl 42 in Phoenix, Arizona televised on FOX will create an NFL Legend. The New England Patriots have been chasing the desirable prefect season all year.  A victory in Superbowl 42 will make the New England Patriots one of the greatest teams in NFL History and the only team to ever go 19-0.  The New York Giants have the daunting task to pull off one of the greatest upsets in sport’s history.  The New York Giants started the season 0-2 and barely made the playoffs.  In the playoffs the sent a message by beating Tampa Bay rather easily, they stunned the Dallas Cowboys at home, and they shocked us all with beating Green Bay in subzero temperature in overtime.

   One huge non factor will be the weather.  The last time these teams met The Patriots squeaked by with a 38 to 35 victory at the Meadowlands.  As I recall watching it on television, it was quite windy that evening.  Again I would like to thank the NFL for broadcasting that game on regular television versus just airing it on their NFL Network as it was originally scheduled.  I honestly think when the Patriots played the San Diego Charges in the AFC Championship game, the weather contributed to Tom Brady’s poor performance.  The non weather factor is a benefit for both teams but I give the edge to the Patriots. 

If the Patriots win this game, Tom Brady and Bill Bilichick guarantee themselves as legends in NFL history.  The addition to the receiver core this year has proved how great of a quarterback Tom Brady is.  Tom Brady never has a great receiver until the addition of Randy Moss this year.  Defense are forced to double Moss and that has allowed Welker to accumulate more reception than Moss.  Moss still was able to hook up with Brady for 23 record breaking TDs in one season.  Let’s not overlook the over receiver such as Welker, Gaffney, Staleworth, and Watson. Brady with 50 TDs was also able to break Manning single season TD record.  I have been very impressed with the running game with both Maroney and Faulk.  The defense is not as quite as strong as in previous year but don’t let that mislead you.   Bruschi is the heart of this defense and Seau is a man with a mission to win a Superbowl.  I don’t want to leave out anyone on the defense such as Vrabel, Harrison, Thomas, and Samuel.  Let me stop there.  This is an great team on the verge of becoming a legend this Sunday.  My guess is as good as your as who will be the hero of this team if the Patriots win.   The obvious pick should be Tom Brady but we will see on Sunday.

If the New York Giants win, it will be the biggest upset since Superbowl 36.  The Giants will complete their Mission Impossible and the Patriots perfect season will be forgotten.  I was not a believer in the Giants this season.  I was one of the many people who suggest that Eli Manning needed to be traded or get rid of coach Tom Coughlin.  Was I ever wrong or what?  What I have seen of Eli Manning and the offense in both the Dallas Cowboys’ game and the Green Bay Packers’ game is he is ready for the big time.  I think he wants to emerge fro his brother’s shadow and he has done that.  I think brotherly rivalry and not being known as Peyton’s Manning brother is driving Eli to win this Superbowl.  The running game with both Jacobs and Bradshaw is amazing.  I like the Giants running Burress, Toomer, and Shockey.   Burress is guarantee a victory and I hate when players do that.  That usually motivates the other team but Burress is a big time receiver that can light it up on the field, so watch out.    I am not too familiar with their defense but Strahan and Umenyiora are impact players on the defense.  If the Giants win and Burress has a big game then the MVP has to goto him.

Don’t expect a blowout in this Superbowl.  I think the current spread is 12 pts but I don’t think New England will cover that.  If we examine the past Superbowl victories by the New England Patriots the margin of victory is only 3 pts for each game.(Suberbowl 36 – Patriots 20, Rams 17;  Suberbowl 38 – Patriots 32, Panthers 29,  Suberbowl 39 – Patriots 24, Eagles 21.)  The Giants have been playing rather well in the post season and all the pressure is on the Patriots to win. 

Prediction:  In the second half the Patriots will be down by 3 pts.  Tom Brady drives the Patriots down the field.  The touchdown that puts them up for good will be a pass to Randy Moss.  Final Score: Patriots 35 Giants 24.

Follow up at Legend of Superbowl 42 – Gigantic Upset.

New Year’s 2008 Celebration-West Coast

Happy New Year! 

We did a mini celebration with the kids at 9pm or midnight on the East Coast.  My wife and I waited up until midnight and celebrated New Year’s together.  We are actually on the West Coast.  I fell asleep between 11pm unitl 11:45 pm.

I have on complaint.  I live in the Los Angeles area.  Every year the only coverage I recieve in  regards to New Years is New York City.  I think it is time for something new to happen on the West Coast.  If Los Angeles or Hollywood are not wiling to start a new tradition on New Year’s at midnight then let Las Vegas set it up.  We need a new tradition here on the West Coast.

Well just a few thoughts after midnight on New Year’s.  Let me here from everyone else out there about New Year’s and celebrations around the US and the globe.

Goodbye to 2007

Hi all,

 Well 2007 is almost over and it has been one exciting year.  I spent over a month in Lithuania and even spent 3 1/2 days in Paris, France.  My mom celebrated her 70th birthday.  Watching my kids grow up this year has been awesome. I am blessed with the life God has given.  Both my wife and kids are awesome and so is the rest of my family.  I also enjoy watching the new England patriots go undefeated during the regular season. 

 If I can encourage anyone with just one thing, it would be to get a bible and start going to a bible teaching church.  I guess that is two.   Spend next year in the Word reading, praying, and repenting.  Need a starting point start with the gospel of John and continue with Acts.  Oh, by the way take your time and meditate on God’s words.  It is so easy to breeze right through it.  Just ponder on it.  Also learn to repent more often.

Prediction for football and basketball will come in a later post.  I must make one thing clear.  The Lakers looking like a good playoff team but not a contender for the NBA Finals.   I do not think that they can make it past  the San Antonio Spurs.  I do think that they are playing a lot better than I thought.  My apologize for raggin on Kobe Bryant.  i will try better in 2008 to be kinder to him in my blogs? :> 

What are my plans for 2008?   Watch my post tomorrow. 

The Amazing Race

Hey, I was flipping through channels and I saw the latest episode of the Amazing Race on CBS.  The person read out their next destination and it was Vilnius, Lithuania.  Wow, that was cool.    I can’t believe I was just there and now it is on the Amazing Race. 

After watching the entire episode I have some thoughts.  The first part of the episode, where the contestants became Lithuanian messengers, showed much of the old town area of Vilnius.  Although one the Lithuanian women who gave the contestants their task, mispronounced the name of the person they needed to locate. 

The second part of the episode where the contestants attend an authentic summer festival and must either count the pieces of wood on the fence or walk on stilts was funny.  I have never seen that during my trips to Lithuania.  Even my wife, who is from Lithuania never seen anything like that.  I believe they added that to make the show more entertaining.

Monday Woes

Is it me or are Mondays seem to be the worst day of the week.  Every Monday at work some major problem occurs and I have to fix it. The last two Mondays at work have been like a blur to me.  Usually by Wednesday everything is back to normal.  I thought about asking for Mondays off but then Tuesday would be my bad day at work.

Well, my wife and I decided to buy a play kitchen for the kids.  We brought it home and started to put it together.  Ok, hold on,  I was watching her put it together.  Ten minutes after we started we notice one of the pieces had a major dent in it.  Well I guess it is back to Toys R Us.