Superbowl this weekend

I can’t believe it is here.  Ok so it is not the superbowl but this should be a great game.  Undefeated Patriots against the Undefeated Colts.  It is in Indy.  I know the Patriots look like the best team in the NFL but we will see how good they are on Sunday.  I have a gut feeling that this will be determined by a last minute touchdown drive and the winning quarterback is Peyton Manning.  This will be a great game.


Lithuanian Basketball

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 Just wanted to share some highlights from Lithuania playing in the Euroleague Championship in 2007.  Lithuanian took bronze. Lithuania lost only once during the tournament. Lithuanian has qualified for the 2008 Olympics in China.  Watch out!  I won’t be surprised if Lithuania takes home a medal in the 2008 Olympics.

Superbowl Ideas

Recently the NFL Comissioner suggested that London would be a good place to host a Superbowl.

One important fact that the NFL should realize.  Europeans do not care about American football.  Fans should not be forced to go to another country to watch the biggest US sporting event.  Let’s keep it in the Unites States.  I understand the business aspect the commissioner is looking at.  He wants to develop interest in the NFL overseas, especially in Europe.

I have a couple ideas for the NFL. 

  • How about letting the team that won the Superbowl, host the next Superbowl. 
  • Let have a Superbowl in a cold enviroment such as Green Bay or New England?

Kobe Bryant Saga

I am a huge Laker fan! 

Ever since the Lakers traded away Shaq a dark cloud has been hanging over this organization.  His name is Kobe (ballhog) Bryant.  Kobe is a great scorer.  I would be to if I took that many shots.  Kobe lacks one quality to take him to the next level, leadership.

Why was Kobe banned from practice?  Read this articl from th NY Post.

Phil bans Kobe from practice

Posted: Friday October 19, 2007 06:31AM ET

The way I hear it, Phil Jackson banned Kobe Bryant from being around the Lakers Tuesday when his petulant VIP – offended that owner Jerry Buss alerted the Los Angeles media he was available in an equitable trade – informed him he wouldn’t be practicing, for the third straight day, because he wanted to rest his legs, knee, bruised ego, whatever. “I don’t want you riding the exercise bike in front of the team,” Jackson hipped Bryant, according to a source. “There’s nothing wrong with your legs. I need you to be part of the team. I need to come to practice and work hard. And I need you to come to games and play defense.” Last season, Inaction Jackson felt Bryant had gotten a little lazy on the sidelines and at practice. In his considered opinion, he and his coaching staff were too easy, too soft on the players, especially Mr. Big Stuff.

New York Post

It’s time to trade Kobe.  Dr. Buss please trade Kobe now before his rotten attitude affects the entire team.  Rebuild and in a year or two the Lakers will return to the Finals without Kobe. :>

I understand that Kobe fills the stands but there is one problem.  He has not been able to lead the Lakers back to the Finals.   Kobe will never be able to lead the Lakers to the Finals.  I will hold off on saying if he could lead any other team to the Finals.  I honestly believe that Kobe and Dirk would be a killer combo and could lead Dallas back to the Finals. 

I honestly believe that for any team to win the NBA Finals, they need two superstars.  The only exception are team like San Antonio and Detriot.  These teams win by playing like a team.

Spurs Win The NBA Championship

Well congrats to the Spurs to another NBA Championship. Four titles in nine years that’s amazing. I guess the big question for them is if they can win it back to back? I am happy to see Tony Parker as the MVP. He deserves it. Robert Horry now has seven championships. I always like the guy and it seems he is on the right team at the right time. Oh by the way, the Cleveland Cavs may have been swept by the Spurs but they are one player away from being able to compete next year. Hopefully they will get one or two additional role players to help out Lebron James. Cleveland must find someone to hit those clutch 3 pointers. I guess the reason I am happy the Spurs won was because they won as a team. In order for any team to beat the Spurs they need to shut down Duncan, Parker, and Giniolbi. Usually if one of those players is having a bad night then a role player will come in and does what they need to win.

Notice the leadership in Duncan. He is constantly building up his teammates. This characteristic is also seen in Lebron James. As a Lakers fan, I believe the biggest downfall to the Lakers is Kobe Bryant. He lacks this leadership quality. He never builds up his teammates and when then lose; he does not take responsibility for the loss. Kobe Bryant is a great scorer and a great individual player but he does not have the leadership quality to take his team to the NBA Finals. The only reason he has three championships is because of Shaq.

For any team to win the NBA Championship learn to play like a team. Learn from the Spurs, a team in which each player has put their egos aside, contribute to work together to fulfill the role each has been given, and thus in nine years have become a NBA dynasty.

Sunday Football Picks

Hi all,

Here are my Sunday’s picks:

  • Jacksonville over Houston
  • Atlanta over Pittsburg
  • Miami over Green Bay
  • New England over Buffalo
  • Denver over Cleveland
  • Arizona overOakland
  • Carolina over Cincinati
  • NY Jets over Detroit
  • Philadelphia over Tampa Bay
  • Kansas City over San Diego
  • Indianapolis over Washington
  • Seattle over Minnesota
  • Dallas over NY Giants