The Legend of Superbowl 42

         Most Superbowl tend to be over-hyped. Superbowl 42 in Phoenix, Arizona televised on FOX will create an NFL Legend. The New England Patriots have been chasing the desirable prefect season all year.  A victory in Superbowl 42 will make the New England Patriots one of the greatest teams in NFL History and the only team to ever go 19-0.  The New York Giants have the daunting task to pull off one of the greatest upsets in sport’s history.  The New York Giants started the season 0-2 and barely made the playoffs.  In the playoffs the sent a message by beating Tampa Bay rather easily, they stunned the Dallas Cowboys at home, and they shocked us all with beating Green Bay in subzero temperature in overtime.

   One huge non factor will be the weather.  The last time these teams met The Patriots squeaked by with a 38 to 35 victory at the Meadowlands.  As I recall watching it on television, it was quite windy that evening.  Again I would like to thank the NFL for broadcasting that game on regular television versus just airing it on their NFL Network as it was originally scheduled.  I honestly think when the Patriots played the San Diego Charges in the AFC Championship game, the weather contributed to Tom Brady’s poor performance.  The non weather factor is a benefit for both teams but I give the edge to the Patriots. 

If the Patriots win this game, Tom Brady and Bill Bilichick guarantee themselves as legends in NFL history.  The addition to the receiver core this year has proved how great of a quarterback Tom Brady is.  Tom Brady never has a great receiver until the addition of Randy Moss this year.  Defense are forced to double Moss and that has allowed Welker to accumulate more reception than Moss.  Moss still was able to hook up with Brady for 23 record breaking TDs in one season.  Let’s not overlook the over receiver such as Welker, Gaffney, Staleworth, and Watson. Brady with 50 TDs was also able to break Manning single season TD record.  I have been very impressed with the running game with both Maroney and Faulk.  The defense is not as quite as strong as in previous year but don’t let that mislead you.   Bruschi is the heart of this defense and Seau is a man with a mission to win a Superbowl.  I don’t want to leave out anyone on the defense such as Vrabel, Harrison, Thomas, and Samuel.  Let me stop there.  This is an great team on the verge of becoming a legend this Sunday.  My guess is as good as your as who will be the hero of this team if the Patriots win.   The obvious pick should be Tom Brady but we will see on Sunday.

If the New York Giants win, it will be the biggest upset since Superbowl 36.  The Giants will complete their Mission Impossible and the Patriots perfect season will be forgotten.  I was not a believer in the Giants this season.  I was one of the many people who suggest that Eli Manning needed to be traded or get rid of coach Tom Coughlin.  Was I ever wrong or what?  What I have seen of Eli Manning and the offense in both the Dallas Cowboys’ game and the Green Bay Packers’ game is he is ready for the big time.  I think he wants to emerge fro his brother’s shadow and he has done that.  I think brotherly rivalry and not being known as Peyton’s Manning brother is driving Eli to win this Superbowl.  The running game with both Jacobs and Bradshaw is amazing.  I like the Giants running Burress, Toomer, and Shockey.   Burress is guarantee a victory and I hate when players do that.  That usually motivates the other team but Burress is a big time receiver that can light it up on the field, so watch out.    I am not too familiar with their defense but Strahan and Umenyiora are impact players on the defense.  If the Giants win and Burress has a big game then the MVP has to goto him.

Don’t expect a blowout in this Superbowl.  I think the current spread is 12 pts but I don’t think New England will cover that.  If we examine the past Superbowl victories by the New England Patriots the margin of victory is only 3 pts for each game.(Suberbowl 36 – Patriots 20, Rams 17;  Suberbowl 38 – Patriots 32, Panthers 29,  Suberbowl 39 – Patriots 24, Eagles 21.)  The Giants have been playing rather well in the post season and all the pressure is on the Patriots to win. 

Prediction:  In the second half the Patriots will be down by 3 pts.  Tom Brady drives the Patriots down the field.  The touchdown that puts them up for good will be a pass to Randy Moss.  Final Score: Patriots 35 Giants 24.

Follow up at Legend of Superbowl 42 – Gigantic Upset.


Best Movies of 2007 So Far

Well I had the opportunity to see some movies this year.  I am the type of guy who likes to see the blockbuster movies.  Usually the movies I like, are not even mentioned during the Academy Awards.  Well here is my list of favorite movies.

The best movie so far had to have been The Bourne Ultimatum.  Is it me or does it just get better and better with each new installment.  I have to admit I did see this both in the United States and Lithuania.  Great action flick and the story was great.

The next best movie had to have been Transformers.  I just picked it up on DVD today.  Yeah, I did grow up on the cartoon and this movie did not let me down.  Great visual affects and a fun movie to watch. 

Next on my list would be Shrek the 3rd.  I love the first two movies.  I use to think the first one was the best but after watching the second movie countless times with my son, I think the 2nd movie was the best.  I did not get to watch the whole movie, just parts of it.  We took the whole family and when my youngest got bored, I was walking around the movie theater complex with her.  My son enjoyed it and what I saw of it, I liked.

Next decent movie was Die Hard or Live Free.  I like the Die Hard movies a lot.  This had many great action scenes.  The story was not bad.  I guess I was disappointed not in the movie, but the day I went to see this flick, I really wanted to go see Transformers but it was sold out.  It was a fun movie.

The last flick on my list was Rush Hour 3.  It was ok.  I don’t know if it was me but it seems that the Rush Hour franchise is getting old.  I love Jackie Chan movies but something was lacking.  I am looking forward to watch this again when it comes out on video.  I just came back from Paris and I want to see all the footage from Paris. 

I missed all the new movies from mid August through September.  I would love to hear what others thought.  Again here is my list.

  1. The Bourne Ultimatum
  2. Transformers
  3. Shrek the Third
  4. Die Hard or Live Free
  5. Rush Hour 3

Superbowl Ideas

Recently the NFL Comissioner suggested that London would be a good place to host a Superbowl.

One important fact that the NFL should realize.  Europeans do not care about American football.  Fans should not be forced to go to another country to watch the biggest US sporting event.  Let’s keep it in the Unites States.  I understand the business aspect the commissioner is looking at.  He wants to develop interest in the NFL overseas, especially in Europe.

I have a couple ideas for the NFL. 

  • How about letting the team that won the Superbowl, host the next Superbowl. 
  • Let have a Superbowl in a cold enviroment such as Green Bay or New England?

Think of me

This is a great video.  As Christians do we love our neighbors as much as we love ourselves?

Recently  Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley revealed it’s plans to build a new church.  But instead of building a traditional building, they plan to build an outside amphitheater.   The goal of the church is to take half of their budget and give it way to the needy around the world. 

Back in the States


I can’t believe my vacation is over.  Going to Lithuania is always fun.  It was quite an experience taking a visit to Paris for a few days.  I will miss all my family in Lithuania but it is back to my normal life in the States. 
When I get a chance I will post some thought on my vacation.  I thought I would miss Dadu, but one of our local grocery stores, Jons Market, carries this ice cream packed in a cone.  Of course, it is prewrapped.

THe only happy thing is I get to watch some American football.  I was about to go crazy with all the soccer highlights out in Lithuania.  At least the Euroleague championship was on and Lithuania got the bronze.

One side note for today in football.  YEAH!!! The Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Diego Chargers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!