Mystery Of Nida

The Mystery Of Nida

The Beginning

“Sir, do you want another drink?” the bartender asked

He just sat there with a blank stare on his face. The glass in front of him was empty. 

“Sir aren’t you going to be late for you flight?” the bartender inquired. 

The man glanced down at his watch and then looked towards the bartender.

He spoke softly saying. “I have a few hours before my flight leaves.  Give me another shot, no make it a double.”   

As the bartender slowly poured him a double shot of tequila, the man pulled out a hundred dollar bill and placed it on the table. 

“Leave the bottle here,” the man suggested.  The bartender was about to tell the man that it against policy to leave a bottle out on the bar but he looked at the man and knew something was tormenting him.  It was obvious the man had not shaved for a week.  The man looked to be very successful dressed in his dark slacks with his blue shirt but anyone could see in his eyes the man was going through some unbearable pain.  The bartender grabbed the money, placed the bottle on the bar, and went on to attend to some other patrons as he did not have time to waste.

It was about two hours later, the rush slowly died down and the bartender wanted to see how the man with the tequila bottle was doing. The man had drank most of the bottle of tequila and as he approached the man he noticed a letter on the bar.  The man was mumbling something but he could not make it out.  The bartender made out the words at the top of the letter, to my dearest love.  The bartender decided not to pry any more. The bartender poured the remaining tequila into his glass.

A voice came over the intercom, “Boarding will soon begin for flight 1639 to
Berlin, Germany.”

The man stood up and grabbed his letter, folded it, and placed it into his shirt pocket next to his ticket.  He took another hundred dollar bill out of his pocket and placed it on the bar. The man picked up his carry-on bag and walked away. The bartender heard him say “It doesn’t make sense.  Why did she.”  The man’s voice was dulled out by the noise of the airport.  The bartender took the money and wondered what was in that letter. 

The Mystery Of Nida – Part 2

One Month Ago – Part 1 

As he sat down in his seat, he stared out the window of the airplane.  It was a slight drizzle outside, yet the weather was similar to that a month ago.  The events of that day were still so fresh in his head… 

He had just dropped both kids off at the daycare. His wife, Rachel had left for the office earlier that morning and his meeting was not until ten so he knew he had time to drop off the kids.  It was a light rainfall outside yet the weather forecast indicated that the major part of the storm would hit later that evening.  He made it to work about 15 minutes before the meeting, this gave him enough time to enjoy a cup of coffee at his desk.  While scanning through his e-mails, one of his fellow employees walked in.

“Hey Jason!  Nice to see you made it in.  Did you see that game last night?” Sean asked.

“Hi Sean.  No I missed that game.  I would have made it in earlier but I am planning to just work half the day and then spend the rest of the day with the kids,” replied Jason.

Sean jokingly said, “On a day like this… A huge storm is coming in later this afternoon.  Where are you going to take the kids on a day like this? If you have a chance can you see if you can help us with the problem we are having on our end of the project?”

Hesitantly Jason agreed saying, “Let me look at the code.  Maybe I can find the bug.”

As Sean walked away he said, “If you solve the problem, then dinner is on me.”

After the meeting, Jason strolled over to Sean’s desk to take a look at the code. Many hours had past and the next thing Jason knew his cell phone was ringing. Jason knew by the ring tone it was Rachel.

Jason began saying, “Hi Honey, is it already that time?  Oh ,sorry, I have been working on a big project.”

Rachel replied, “The daycare just called and they were wondering what time you were going to pick up the kids.” 

Jason suggested, “Honey, I could leave know if you want.” 

Rachel answered, “No, I will stop by. I am already off work.  You finish up what you need to and we will see you tonight.  Oh take you time, it seems that storm came in earlier than expected.”   

Jason said, “Alright I almost done fixing this problem and should leave here in an hour. I love you.”

Rachel answered “I love you too! Bye.” 

Two hours past, Sean looked at his watch.  Sean encouraged Jason to leave but Jason always wants to figure out the problem. 

Sean wanting to leave said, “Look Jason it’s already after 6pm and it does not look like we are close to solving the problem.  Let’s get going.”  

Sean’s cell phone rang and he began talking with his wife on the phone.  It she was worried he was stuck in traffic . 

Sean continued “Hey, Jason it looks like horrible traffic out there not just because of the weather but also because of some accident. A car and gas tanker truck collided.  The whole freeway is shut down. How about I about you dinner at that Chinese place around the block and maybe the traffic will die down by then.” 

Jason replied, “Alright, let me give Rachel a call so she won’t be worried.  You know how much I like the Chinese place down the block.” 

 Jason tried calling Rachel at home and on her cell but he had no luck.  He assumed she was probably stuck in the traffic.


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