Christian Persecution

I ran across this article at .  The Christian Church is under attack world wide.  Please keep our brothers and sisters in Christ in prayer world wide. 

Middle East (MNN) ― An E3 Partner worker in the Middle East is recovering after being attacked by a radical Muslim.

Doyle says, “Jamal was sharing with a Muslim who really seemed to be seeking. He seemed to know a little bit about Christianity. He was talking about dreams and visions, and there was some trust there. Jamal was completely surprised that the man attacked him.”

The attack was violent, says Doyle. “The man said, ‘Do you have any literature?’ and Jamal says, ‘Yes.’ When he turned to get something, the man jumped out of his chair and had a long screwdriver and tried to get Jamal in the back of his head. And then, Jamal turned around in shock, and the man then tried to shove [the screwdriver] through his chest.”

As Jamal tried to fight the man off, he was then hit in the face by a club. Miraculously, Jamal survived the attack, and the national police were called by a family member

Doyle says while the Muslim was being taken away to jail, Jamal showed love to his attacker. He said, “I forgive you. There’s nothing between you and me. I want to come visit you in prison. There’s nothing between my family and yours, and I hope to see you when you’re out of prison. I know God is going to use this in your life, and I’m going to pray for you.”

It was heard by authorities. Doyle says this is a unique message in the Middle East. “There’s no forgiveness there. You do something to my family, I do it back to your family, and it just never ends.”

Doyle adds, “Jamal’s display of forgiveness is the most powerful message because it’s not the message of the other religion. That puts Christianity in a different category, which it really is. This message of forgiveness — that’s what’s needed there.”


Every Nation Sing – Album Review

Every Nation Sing is a worship album put together by Tony Hall, teaching pastor at Cornertone Ohio. This worship album has a great beat to it.  All the songs on this album are very good but my favorite has to be the song “Unexplainable Love.”  Listen to the words, let the song sink into your heart and it is amazing to think of what Christ has done for us.  There really is not one bad song on this album.  The album starts out with two good song called “Be Lifted High” and “My Exceeding Joy.”  I have listen to this album multiple times and it just gets better and better.  I even like his different version of the song,  “You are Holy.”  This song can also be heard on his first worship album, Even Alone.

I have been wondering if Tony Hall would do another album ever since he started a church in Ohio.  Tony used to lead worship at Cornerstone Community Church in Simi Valley.  He was defineately blessed with the gift to sing.  A few years ago he left Simi Valley to plant a church in Ohio.  I have listen to a few of his sermons over the Internet and I enjoy his style of teaching.

Psalm 43:4 – “Then I will goto the altar of God, to God my exceeding joy.”