NBA Free Agency 2010 – July 5

Fourth of  July weekend is over and let’s review what big fireworks went off in the NBA.  We have two huge contracts offered to two NBA players.  I was hoping it would be LeBron and Wade but my dreams were shattered.  What’s taking LeBron so long?  It time for him to man up and make a decision.  Lebron just remember one thing: NBA Championship, forget what your homies are telling you.

First major contract to look at is Joe Johnson resigning with the Atlanta Hawks for $120 million for 6 years.  I understand the Hawks resigning Joe Johnson but $120 million.  Let get real, he’s not worth it.  I think the Hawks could have offered less and still kept him.  Do I blame Joe Johnson, no way.  They offered him the max and he was very smart to take it. 

The second big contract I want to talk about is Amare Stoudemire signing with the New York Knicks for $100 million over five years.  You have to be kidding me.  This is a huge risk by the Knicks.  Amare is good but I don’t think he is worth $100 million.  I know the Knicks are rebuilding and doing whatever it can to make a move into the playoffs but I think they overpaid for Amare.  I have no doubt signing Amare is step one  to relaunching the franchise but the Knicks need to land superstar Lebron James or it’s all for nothing. I can’t see Wade coming to the Knicks but if he does look out.  Again do I blame Amare for signing with the Knicks for $100 million, no way.

Both Joe Johnson and Amare Stoudemire made a wise decision.  Owners showed them the money and they took it.  Before Lebron make his world shaking decision to change the landscape of the NBA, free agents  such as Joe and Amare were wise to get their share of the pie before it was too late.

Two other players to exit free agency and return to their teams were Paul Pierce with Boston and Dirk Nowitzki with Dallas.  These two players just entered free agency to secure their futures.  I have to say smart move.  Both players signed on for another 4 years with their teams.

One last comment is the LA Lakers signing Steve Blake.  Steve Blake played point guard for both the Blazers and Clippers.  I think this is a great move for the Lakers.  I always believe their weakest position was point guard.  I like Derek Fisher but he is getting old.  Eventually this position has to be addressed and no better time than now to address it.


Lakers vs Celtics – Game 5 and still alive

Wow, what a game.  The only thing that was wrong, was the Lakers won instead of the Celtics.  The Lakers played just well enough to win this game.    Kobe ended up with  25 points, 7 rebounds, and 5 steals.  Pau Gasol ended up with 19 points and Lamar had 20 points and 11 rebounds.  Derek Fisher had 15 points and Jordan Farmar had 11 points.  I was not too impressed with this win.  I like the fact that five different players were in double figures but it just felt that the Lakers got lucky to get this win.  The Lakers need to step it up on defense and get excited, show some enthusiasm.  This victory may give them some momentum for the next game but they need to play better defense.

Boston played well but just could not pull of the win.  Paul Pierce had a phenomenal night with 38 points, 6 rebounds and 8 assists.  Kevin Garnett had 13 points and 14 rebounds and Ray Allen had 16 points.  Outside of the big three  the only player to come close to double figures was Sam Cassel with 9 points.  The Celtics were just a bit off and I know when they get back home each player will find their sweet spots on the floor.  The tables will turn for Boston in game six.

To be honest, the Lakers don’t look like champions.  They built a 17 point lead in the first quarter and allowed Boston to come back to within 3 points by half time.  Both teams looked tired in the second half and with two minutes to go in the fourth, the Lakers were able to pull away.  I am getting sick of seeing the Lakers players complain every time the referee calls a foul against them.  I think Kobe and Gasol are the worst complainers. 

My fear for the Celtics is injuries.  Perkins did not play tonight but hopefully he will be back for game six on Tuesday.  Pierce and Rondo have had their share of injuries this series but they seem alright.   The Celtics need to finish the Lakers off on Tuesday.  If they don’t, then game seven is anyones game.  Forget history, it will come down to plays harder.

If the Celtics play  the say way on Tuesday as they did tonight,  then I think they will win the series on Tuesday night. Being on their home court, they will get a few more calls to go their way and they will like having the fans cheering them on.   What better place to win the championship but at home.  If the Celtics win,  Paul Pierce should be the MVP of the series.