President Obama’s 1000th Day In Office

It has been 1000 days since Obama has been in office and what would you say is Obama’s greatest achievement.   Without looking at his failures but only his achievements, what really stands out about his presidency so far.  So far I have to say the only two things that stand out are the capture and death of Osama Bin Laden and the fact that he is the first African American president. 

For a president, who ran on a platform of hope and change, not much has been accomplished in his first 1000 days in office.  I think things today are worse than before he came into office.

I believe many people who voted for Obama wanted to be apart of history.  Unfortunately when we vote for someone merely to be apart of history, we end up with a president that may go down as the worst president in history.  This administration blames all their problems on the previous administration but it is time for this administration to work with the Congress and compromise. 

My suggestion to both our president and members of Congress is simple, pay cut.  The president and Congress should work for minimum wage.  

Next I would suggest we cut spending.  We need to look at all areas  in the budget and determine what is waste and what is not.  It is hard to make spending cuts but it time to “man up” and make some serious cuts.  We can’t spend what we don’t have. 

Lastly there is a big debate about Obama Care.  A simple solution would be that the health care benefits enjoyed by our politicians should be accessible to the people as well.  Our politicians have a great health care plan but what about the people?  Premiums for health care have risen at an alarming rate the past few years and many companies are passing these increases to their employees to pay.  To be honest I would rather pay a tax for health care and allow all U.S citizens have access to health care coverage similar to the plan enjoyed by our politicians.

I think our president has an opportunity to accomplish much more in office but we will have to wait and see what he does with the rest of his term.


McCain, Clinton, Obama – Do We have any other Choice?

My dilemma will come this November.  More than likely Obama will be the Democrats’ nominee and McCain has already wrapped up the Republicans’ nominee. I really don’t care who takes the Democrats’ nominee, I don’t like either of them.

McCain I don’t trust.  Just look at his voting record.  He looks more like than a Democrat than a Republican.  I don’t like Obama or Clinton because the first thing either nominee would do is raise taxes.  i would trust McCain when it comes to foreign policy but I am not too sure about Obama.  i think I would trust Hillary in the foreign policy department. 

I would vote for Obama or Hillary if they are serious about fixing our health care system in the United States.  I believe every American should have access to health care.  Most people are against a universal health care system but with the rising cost of health insurance, i am all for it.  The amount I pay for premiums every months versus a tax, Ican’t imagine my tax would be higher than what I pay.  there are many Americans out there who need medical treatment and we should not deny them treatment because they can’t afford it.  Two if they do get treatment, then they are stuck with an outrageous bill.  Don’t be fooled, Hillary or Obama won’t fix it.  I remember when Hillary was First Lady, it was proposed early in Bill Clinton’s presidency but it faded away quickly.

So who is our third option?  Please don’t mention Ralph Nader.  I want to know if there are any other serious candidates out there.  Let’s hope we get a real candidate between now and November. Otherwise it is going to be a long four years.