Kung Fu Panda Review

I had the opportunity to go out with the family to see Kung Fu Panda.  This was not a movie i was looking forward to but I am always up to get out with the kids on the weekend.  I have a 2 year old and a 4 year old.  We were not sure how are two year old would do.  I knew my dour year old would sit through most of it.

 Overall the movie is cute.  Just imagine watching a Kung Fu movie in a cartoon format.  Here is the basic plot.

Po loves to play with action figures of the legendary Furious Five—Tigress, Crane, Mantis, Viper and Monkey. He dreams of being in their ranks as a true deliverer of kung fu awesomeness. But, alas, he is only a chubby, stumble-footed and easily winded panda, not a lightning-fast, disciplined martial artist. So he’s stuck in the family noodle business.

When word goes out that a Dragon Warrior will be chosen to fulfill legend and defend the Jade Kingdom from the dreaded martial arts master Tai Lung, Po can’t contain his excitement. With a great deal of effort he lugs his considerable heft up the hundreds of steps to the Jade Palace to see who will land the great honor.

Turns out, he lands it—after accidentally crashing the tryout party.

Nobody can believe it. Especially not the Furious Five and their kung fu master Shifu. But since the enemy is already on his way, they have to do something. If Tai Lung gets his hands on the lauded Dragon Scroll, he will surely be powerful enough to rule the world. Po must do whatever it takes to face the fearsome and treacherous foe. Uh … right after lunch, that is. ”

Overall the movie is fun.  My two year old was not into the movie that much.  My four year old got up a few times to go to the bathroom and since he saw his sister walking around, he want to do the same thing but he ended up watching 75% of the movie.  I asked him if he liked the movie and he gave me an enthusiastic yes!  What I saw of the movie, I enjoyed.  I would recommend taking your kids.  From personal experiences, I know my kids will copy what other kids do.  If they see someone else up, then they will do the same.  My son is older and better now.  i would take him to most kid’s movie.  My daughter I will probally wait another half year. 

So I would give Kung Fu Panda 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.  I would recommend it to anyone with kids or without.  In regards to taking the kids to the theater, it really depends on the kid.  It can be hit or miss, so beware.  The first time I took my son to see a movie (Cars), he watched about 10 minutes of the movie and walked out.  I would say this is definitely one of the best kid’s movie of 2008.


Not a good Saturday

It started out rather well. After I came home from work, we decided to take the kids to see Kung Fu Panda.  We met up with my wife’s friend and her daughter.  The kids did better than expected.  The boy got up a few times to goto the bathroom.  The princess spent most of the time running around the movie theater.  I really wanted to see how the movie was going to end, so I bribed the princess with some M & Ms.  It worked, and I saw the end of the movie. :>

Later that evening, my wife’s friend offered to watch the kids so we can go to IKEA to get a kids loft bed.  Of all the things we could do by ourselves and we go to IKEA .  We decided it would be easier to make a decision about the furniture without the kids.  We spent an hour deciding between two different loft beds and finally decide on one.  My wife and I hurried through the store to get ready to check out.  For the particular items we needed (the loft bed, the mattress, and a tent for the bed), we need to pick them up right before the register.  It’s rather simple, your are given an aisle number and a bin number.  The three items we came for were all out of stock.  That’s great!  This is not our day.

We went to pick up our kids and we stayed for dinner.  They had some delicious BBQ chicken and fresh gucamole and chips.  I wonder why my BBQ chicken does not come out like that?  So I guess this is a positive.

We came back to our place and found some teenagers in the pool. That is not surprising for a Saturday night.  They decided to vandalize the spa area by putting bubbles in the spa.   This can cause damage to the filtration system.  My wife asked them many questions and  of course none of them live in the area.  They hopped the fence out of the pool area and ran off to their car.  They were quite rude with their responses to my wife.  I can not believe teenagers today.  I don’t mind if they want to use the pool but just keep it quiet and don’t vandalize it.