Sunday NBA Game 7 Predictions

Let start in the East. 

This is what I wanted to warn Orlando about when they started the series.  Don’t go seven game or you’re done.  I believe that Orlando is the better team but game 7 is about playoff experience.  I never imagined that the Boston Celtics team would win three games against Orlando without KG  but they have.  I believe Boston is going to shock Orlando and go to the Eastern Conference Finals.  At least next year, Orlando will have a new coach.   

Now to Game 7 of the LA Lakers and Houston Rockets series.  I have no clue what is wrong with the LA Lakers.  Once Yao Ming went down I thought the series was over.  The Rockets won the next game, then Lakers blows out Houston, and then Houston beats LA again.  Well, at least game 7 is in LA and this means the Lakers are gonna slaughter the Rockets in game 7.  This game won’t even be close.  I have no doubt the Lakers will win this game and  advance to the Western Conference Finals.  Just remember it’s Kobe time.


NBA Playoffs – Round 2 (2009)

April is here and that means NBA Playoffs.

I am not too excited this year about basketball yet.  The first round was alright.  The only series that brought any excitement was the Celtics/Bulls series.  I wished the Bulls had won.  Let’s move to the second round action.

Yesterday we saw game one of the Denver/Dallas series.  I really enjoyed watching Denver beating Dallas.  Dallas is no longer the team they use to be.  The window has  closed for Dallas.  Denver is red hot and will advance to the Western Conference Finals.

The Lakers/ Houston series will be another fun series.  The Lakers will win this series but I think it will take 5 games.  Houston is  really no match for the Lakers but I hope Bynam will step it up this series.  They will need him in this series.  Lakers will make it easily to the next round.

The Cavs/Hawks series I am looking forward to.  I think the Cavs should breeze through this series but Atlanta is a team that will compete with the Cavs.  I will say that the Cavs will win the series in 6 games.  Watch out for Atlanta to make some waves but Lebron and the Cavs will overcome.

The Orlando/Celtics series is another series that I am hoping for total domination by one team, The Orlando Magic.  After the first round, I think that Orlando will struggle against the Celtics.  Orlando must play hard early to finish the series quick.  Don’t let Boston hang around.  I say this series will be close but Orlando will win it in 6 games.  If it goes to seventh game, then Boston will win it.  Orlando do whatever you have to not to take it to a seventh game.

Can USA Basketball capture gold in 2008 Olympics?

Lebron James has guaranteed that the US will capture the gold medal for basketball in the Olympics.  This is a bold statement coming from an NBA player who has yet to win an NBA title.  This US Olympic Basketball team is a great collaboration of NBA talent.  It comes down not to talent as the US learned at the last Olympics in Athens but it comes down to how well they can play international basketball. 




I think the US Men’s Olympic basketball team will compete for a medal.  Will they get a gold medal, silver medal, or bronze medal?  Who knows.  I am still standing by Lithuania to win a gold medal.  I think it would be great if Lithuania played the USA in the final game to determine who gets the gold and silver medals.


GO Lithuania!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!









Childress leaves for Europe – NBA Notes

Josh Childress from the Atlanta Hawks is heading to Europe to play for Greek club Olympiakos.   He received a contract for 20 million over 3 years.  Childress is setting a trend for other players to leave the NBA.  If this trend continues, don’t be surprised to see more players leave to play overseas.  One of the reasons Childress left Atlanta for Greece is because he did not get along with his coach. 

If I had an opportunity to play on an average NBA team or play in Europe, I would go play in Europe.  My only demand is to be paid in Euros.  I would go to Europe for 20 million euros for 3 years.  I hope Childress helps his team in Europe win a championship. 

No longer is it about playing in the NBA but about who is willing to pay the big bucks.  More and more international players do not want to play in the NBA but are returning to play in Europe for teams out there.

NBA Draft Night 2008

Tonight is when NBA teams welcome the newest thugs into the league.  I always wonder which one will have the hugest impact off the court.  I do apologize somewhat because some of these guys are very nice and professional but there is always one guy that the media hounds are waiting for to screw up and put their picture all over their tabloids newspapers. 

It went down like everyone predicted.  Rose would be chosen first by the Chicago Bulls, Beasley would then be selected by the Miami heat, and Mayo would be selected third by the Timberwolves. 

Rose will make a huge impact on the Bulls.  I believe the Bulls will bounce back and be a contender in the playoffs next year.  I still think the Bulls made a mistake in their selection of Vinny Del Negro as coach because I really wanted Avery Johnson or Doug Collins to become their next head coach.

Beasley will help Miami but the real question is what offseason plans are the Miami Heat looking at.  I like Shawn Marion but his salary is an issue.  We will see what Miami looks like when the regular season begins.

According to what I seen already Mayo has been traded to Memphis for Love and there are a few other players involved.  ESPN is reporting  “That the Wolves have reached an agreement in principle with the Memphis Grizzlies that will send the draft rights to Mayo, Marko Jaric, Antoine Walker and Greg Buckner to the Grizzlies in return for the draft rights to Kevin Love, Mike Miller, Brian Cardinal and Jason Collins.”

I also like the fact that Indiana traded Jermaine O’Neal to Toronto for Ford, Nestrovic, and the 17 pick in tonight’s draft.  I think this will have a huge impact on Toronto for next season.


Boston Celtics Champions- Celtics Demolish the Lakers in Game 6

NOOOOO, Lakers lose another NBA Final to the Boston Celtics.  Championship #17.

YESSSSSS, Kobe hasn’t won a NBA Championship without Shaq.  Thank You Boston :>!!!!!!!

The big three came up big!  Kevin Garnett had a monster night with 26 points, 14 rebounds,  and 4 assists.  Ray Allne also had 26 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists.  NBA Finals MVP Paul Pierce had 17 points, 10 assists, and 7 rebounds.  The scoring did not stop with the big three, this was a night when everyone contributed.  Rondo had 21 points, 7 rebounds, 6 steals, and 8 assists, while Posey had 11 points and House had 9 points.    Overall the Celtics crushed the Lakers by 39 points.

The Lakers did make it to Boston to play but they gave up early.  Kobe had 22 points but he could not make an impact.  Odom had 14 points and Gasol had 11 points.  The only other Lakers in double figures was Jordan Farmar with 12 points.  Forget comparing Kobe to Jordan, MJ would never allow himself to be humiliated like this in the NBA Finals.  Kobe still has not learned how to make the players around him better.  I doubt Kobe will never win another NBA Championship.  If you were  asleep at the end of the third quarter, you missed ballhogging Kobe Bryant turning over the ball three times in a row.

Paul Pierce is the man and deserves to be Finals MVP.  He is the spark plug for this team and I am glad he has won a NBA Championship.  His comeback in game one after what looked like a serious injury, set the tone for the rest of the Finals.  I am also happy to see both Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett winning their first championship.  Ray Allen was always a favorite player of mine was he was in Seattle and I am glad that he made his way to Boston for this championship.  I know Kevin Garnett has been a dominate player all these years and now he has the opportunity to experience an NBA Championship after all those years of hard work.  Boston has built an awesome team and remember they dominated during the regular season against the West and they proved it was no fluke by demolishing the Lakers during the NBA Finals.   

I can’t believe that Doc Rivers outcoached Phil Jackson.  I give the credit to Doc in coaching  but many of the players in Boston learned to put aside their egos for one common goal: the 2008 NBA Championship. 

Congrats to the Celtics for an awesome championship.  This was the second largest margin of victory in a NBA Finals game and the largest margin of victory in a clicher game (131 – 92).  The Celtics definitely leave no doubt they are the best team in the NBA for 2008.