NFL Predictions for the 2010 Season

Tonight, we have the first game of the NFL Season, New Orleans vs Minnesota.  What a game this should be but I am worried how rusty old-timer, Brett Farve will be. My prediction is that the New Orleans Saints will take a commanding lead early in the 3rd quarter and Minnesota will battle back in the fourth quarter to tie.  I have a gut feeling Brett Farve will lead his team down the field to win the game but in the last-minute of the game he will throw an interception.  New Orleans will be in field goal range and they will kick a field goal to win it.

Here are my prediction who will win each division. 

In the AFC EAST, I like the NY Jets to win this division.  The Jets made some key acquisitions during the offseason.  These key changes will alow them to win this division.  I think the New England Patriots will make the playoffs as a wild card team.

In the AFC North, I like the Baltimore  Ravens. The Ravens have added some good receivers to their team.  The offense will be there this year and this will allow the defense some rest on the sidelines. This will be one tough division so don’t overlook the Steelers or the Bengals.  I think Pittsburg will make some waves and might make it to the playoffs as a wild card team.

In the AFC South, I like the Indianapolis Colts.  Peyton and his team are the team to beat in the AFC.  I also like the Texans in this division and in week one they get a chance to make a statement to the league.  The Houston Texans will square off against the Indianapolis Colts and this will be the game of the month. If the Texans can pull off a victory in week one, this may be the moment they need to make the playoffs.  If they lose this game all bets are off.

In the AFC West, I hate to say it but go with the San Diego Chargers.   As a Chiefs fan, I hate the Chargers but in this division they are the best by default.  I expect very little from Kansas City, Denver, or Oakland this year.  On paper, I like the Raiders defense but I am not too sure about the offense.  As Chiefs fan, go chiefs, but with reality sinking in, I can’t see the Chiefs winning more than 6 games. 

In the NFC East, I like the Philadelphia Eagles.  I know everyone likes the Cowboys. I expect the Cowboys and Eagles slug it out to win the division but I think the Eagles will make a run in December in wun the division.

In the NFC North, I like the Green Bay Packers.  Green Bay is out to make a statement and they will when the welcome back Brett Farve and the Minnesota Vikings back in Lambeau.  After this game Brett Farve will retire from football again but he will decide to come back a week later.  Minnesota will be a force in the NFC North but I am not sure if Farve will last the whole season.

In the NFC South, I like the New Orleans Saints.  I hope Atlanta gives the Saints a run for the division but I know the Saints are poised to win the NFC South again.

In the NFC West, I like the Seattle Seahawks.  If the Seahawks stay healthy then the 49ners better watch out.  This division is a weak division but I don’t believe all the hype about the 49ners.  Watch out for the Seahawks this year.

Division Winners:

AFC East: NY Jets

AFC North: Baltimore Ravens

AFC South: Indianapolis Colts

AFC West: San Diego Chargers

Wild Card: New England Patriots

Wild Card: Houston Texans

NFC East: Philadelphia Eagles

NFC North: Green Bay Packers

NFC South: New Orleans Saints

NFC West: Seattle Seahawks

Wild Card:  Dallas Cowboys

Wild Card:  Atlanta Falcons

Superbowl: New Orleans Saints vs Baltimore Ravens

Superbowl Champs: Baltimore Ravens


NFL is back

As a Chiefs’ fan I was shocked to see K.C. score 24 points against Baltimore without Matt Cassell.  They still lost but this gives me hope for the Chiefs next year. I have not seen any highlights of the game yet but at least the Chiefs will win a few games.  the Chiefs need a better offensive line to compete in the NFL.

I saw a little bit of the NY Jets games.  Sanchez does not look like a rookie and he looked like a veteran quarterback out there.  The Jets look good but again they are in the same division as the New England Patriots. 

I was happy to see Brett Farve back in the NFL but the true question is how long  will he last?  If he lasts the whole season, the Vikings have a chance.  I really like Peterson at running back and Farve no longer has to pile up passing yards to win the game. 

Well the Arizona Cardinals lost to the S.F. 49ners.  I am not a huge 49ners fan but I knew the Arizona Cardinals are going to have a tough year. The NFC West is a weak division and it is going to be an open race for this division.  I think the Seattle Seahawks will win this division.

My favorite team to watch this year looks like the New Orleans Saints. I know they played Detroit but it was still a great win.  if you had Drew Brees as your Fantasy football quarterback then you are  really happy with today’s results.  I like both the New Orleans Saints and the Atalanta Falcons.

I am rooting for the Falcons since Tony Gonzales is playing for them.  This will help out matt Ryan this year with another huge target to pass to.  i have heard the Falcons have a hard schedule this year.

Last comment for today. I can not believe that McNabb went down with a broken rib.  It is sure a good thing that they signed Vick to the team.  This might be a quarterback controversy in the making?  I know Vick can’t play for two more weeks but he will get his chance.

We have two good games for Monday night.  Alright I think both games are going to be a blow out.  Yes the Chargers are going to slaughter the Raiders and the Patriots are going to beat the Bills easily.  Oh, but Terrel Owens will have a touchdown for the Bills but it won’t be enough.

Redhook Brewery, Woodinville, Washington

  Many people may over look the Redhook Brewery when the goto Seattle, Washington for two reasons. 

First, Pyramid Brewery is located in Seattle next to Quest Field and Safeco Field.  It is actually across the street from where the Seahawks and Mariners play.  I have yet to visit this brewery.  I noticed on my last visit that there was a small  pregame party in the parking lot for Seahawk fans prior to the football game.

The other reason people may overlook the Redhook Brewery is because Woodinville has over 35 wineries.  I have only visited one, Chateau St. Michelle.  It was a fun experience.  I still like the charm of the Redhook Brewery.

Redhook offers a tour of their brewery for a fee of $5.  It is not bad considering you get a 3 oz souvenir glass and get to try a few samples of beer during the tour.  The brewery also has a restaurant and a gift shop.  The gift shop sell everything you can imagine from glasses to shirts and even beer.  Every beer they make is avaliable to purchase.  On my last visit I learned that on Mondays, if you buy a case of beer the second one is half off.  It was too bad I was in Seattle area for only a week and I had visited the brewery on Wednesday.  The regular price for a case of beer is only $24.  That comes out to a $1 a beer and for Redhook that is a great price. 

One of my favorite beers, which they only sell in Washington state, is the Blackhook beer.  It is a dark beer but has very smooth taste to it.  I also enjoy there Redhook’s ESB beer.  I have been able to get this beer down here in California.  I have seen the grocery stores begin to carry Redhook’s Long Hammer beer.  It is an Indian Pale Ale.  To be honest, I am not really a fan of it but I like the logo and the name.  The other beer that my wife enjoyed was Redhook’s Blonde Ale.  She liked it so much that we brought a case of that Blonde ale and a case of the Blackhook.

So if you ever in the Seattle area, I would highly recommend stopping by the Redhook Brewery in Woodinville.

Sunday Football

I hate living in Los Angeles.  Every Sunday, we get the pleasure of watching our local teams.  We will get to watch either the Los Angeles Raiders or the Los Angeles Rams play on television.  Also we get to watch the Los Angeles Chargers.  I forgot none of these teams play in Los Angeles but it seems both CBS and Fox like to show them anyways.

  Fox was kind to us, the viewing public, and the afternoon game was between the New Orleans Saints and the Denver Broncos.  The morning game on CBS was the Oakland Raiders against the Buffalo Bills.  Why not just pick the best morning game and air it.  I am enjoying the afternoon game on CBS with the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Kansas City Chiefs have only one goal this season, lose.  It is in their best interest to lose so they will  get a good draft pick in draft next year.  I think Kansas City and the Rams are the worst teams in the NFL this year.  i was happy to see that Miami beat the Patriots today.  I am very happy that Buffalo beat the Raiders because I picked Buffalo  to win this weekend for my Last Man Standing. 

i like tonight’s game and the Green Bay Packers.  I know everyone likes the Dallas Cowboys to win the Superbowl and to be honest I think they will but they will still lose tonight, go Packers!  A little warning to all you San Diego fans,  the Jets are going to win this Monday night.  Brett Farve’s nickname is Mr Monday night and we will all be talking about it on Tuesday morning.  What ever happened to the Madden curse?

NFL Draft – Kansas City Chiefs

I was a little disappointed with the late start time.  Although my disappointment ended quickly when I saw who the Chiefs picked up with their first pick, LSU Defensive Superstar – Glenn Dorsey.  This will be a huge impact for the Kansas City defense and I can’t wait until next season. Dorsey will be an immediate impact on the defense this year. 

I was not too excited that the Chiefs traded away Allen earlier this week but that worked out too. In the draft the Lions at 15 and Chiefs at 17 swapped picks and addressed another need with picking up offensive lineman Branden Albert.  The key to any successful football team is the offensive line.  The Chiefs’ offensive line was hurting last couple of years with both Willie Roaf and Will Shields retiring.  Albert will definetately  be a huge addition to this ailing offensive line. Another immediate impact for next year.

The Chiefs also picked up Brandon Flowers at cornerback.  Another player that will help out the defense next year.  I am not too familiar with Flowers. 

A very successful draft day on Saturday in the rebuilding effort for the Kansas City Chiefs.  The Kansas City Chiefs will be more competitive next year. 

The Legend of Superbowl 42 Part 2 – Gigantic Upset

 It was suppose to be perfection,  19 – 0, but it turned out to be an awesome upset.  Congrats to the Superbowl Champs, the New York Giants.  The Giants’ defense pressured Tom Brady all night and this allows Eli Manning and the offense to mount an awesome fourth quarter rally.    One word describes the New York Giants, confidence.

As of today, I no longer look at Eli as Peyton Manning’s little brother.  There are two Mannings in the league, one in Indianapolis and the one in New York, both Superbowl caliber quarterbacks. Eli’s performance in both Superbowl 42 and the playoffs has proven him as an elite quarterback.  Eli’s pass to Tyree in the fourth quarter was impressive as well as Toomer performance at wideout with 84 yards.  Eli’s touchdown to Burress with 35 seconds sealed the Patriots’ fate.  Eli’s heroics definitely earned him the Superbowl MVP.

The New York Giants defense was stellar. The Giants’ defense had the daunting task to break down the New England Patriots offensive line.  It seemed all year long Tom Brady had an eternity to dump the ball off to his receivers but tonight was different.  The Giants sacked Brady five times and pressured him over a dozen times throughout the game.  To be honest I knew very little of the Giants defense, I knew of both Strahan and Umenyiora, but tonight I was very impressed with Tuck.

The Patriots played an average game.  The running game was not impressive at all with only 44 yards; therefore it came down to the passing game.  Wes Welker was impressive with 11 catches for 103 yards, Randy Moss had 62 yards, and Faulk had 52 yards.  It came down to one thing, the New York Giants defense putting pressure on Tom Brady.  I felt all year long that the New England Patriots defense was not as dominate as previous years but ultimately the pressure from the Giants defense took Tom Brady out of rhythm.  This sealed the fate for the Patriots. 

Superbowls are typical won with defense and this was an awesome display of defense.  Not too many people gave the Giants a chance including myself but congrats to the New York Giants.  This game will definitely go down in NFL history, as a David and Goliath storyline, with David winning.