President Obama’s 1000th Day In Office

It has been 1000 days since Obama has been in office and what would you say is Obama’s greatest achievement.   Without looking at his failures but only his achievements, what really stands out about his presidency so far.  So far I have to say the only two things that stand out are the capture and death of Osama Bin Laden and the fact that he is the first African American president. 

For a president, who ran on a platform of hope and change, not much has been accomplished in his first 1000 days in office.  I think things today are worse than before he came into office.

I believe many people who voted for Obama wanted to be apart of history.  Unfortunately when we vote for someone merely to be apart of history, we end up with a president that may go down as the worst president in history.  This administration blames all their problems on the previous administration but it is time for this administration to work with the Congress and compromise. 

My suggestion to both our president and members of Congress is simple, pay cut.  The president and Congress should work for minimum wage.  

Next I would suggest we cut spending.  We need to look at all areas  in the budget and determine what is waste and what is not.  It is hard to make spending cuts but it time to “man up” and make some serious cuts.  We can’t spend what we don’t have. 

Lastly there is a big debate about Obama Care.  A simple solution would be that the health care benefits enjoyed by our politicians should be accessible to the people as well.  Our politicians have a great health care plan but what about the people?  Premiums for health care have risen at an alarming rate the past few years and many companies are passing these increases to their employees to pay.  To be honest I would rather pay a tax for health care and allow all U.S citizens have access to health care coverage similar to the plan enjoyed by our politicians.

I think our president has an opportunity to accomplish much more in office but we will have to wait and see what he does with the rest of his term.


Obama’s VP? Hillary Clinton?

Sometime this weekend, Hillary Clinton will concede her presidential bid to Barak Obama.  Barak Obama now has secured enough of the delegates to secure the bid.  Who should be on the ticket as the Vice President?

I have one piece of advice for Barak Obama, keep Bill and Hillary as far away from the White House as possible.  You don’t need Hillary Clinton on your ticket.  Take anybody else but Hillary, Bill Richardson would make a great vice president. 

Does Hillary deserve the Vice President position?  No Way!  Yes she fought a good campaign but that does not mean she deserves the position.  I think Bill Clinton being in the White House with Barak Obama as president will be an awkward situation.  If Hillary was Vice President, then Bill would have more free time than last time to spend with the interns.

It will be interesting to see how Barak Obama will fare up to the general election.  I think he is a lot of talk and no action. I am looking forward to the debates between Obama and McCain.  If he becomes president, the only change I guarantee is he will raise taxes.

Obama and Compassion Forum

I had the opportunity to watch bits and piece of the Compassion Forum on CNN with Obama.  I am not sure how recent this was but it was very informative.  Some of the questions asked dealt with religion and faith.  It was interesting to see his answers. 

One question was about if Obama believed in a literal translation of the six days of creation from the bible.  His answer was typical, as many believe that the six days were not actual 24 hour days but literary figures of speech. Many believers are split on if it is literal or figure of speech.  I was actual good with his answer until he interjected with his belief that evolution was involved with the process of creation.  He did not want to offend anyone out there and I wished someone would have followed up with if he believe we evolved from apes or if God created man.  Obama stated ” I do believe in evolution. I don’t think that is incompatible with Christian faith.”  I think Obama should read Genesis 1-2 and study the theory of evolution and realize it is very incompatible.

Another part of the discussion dealt was “You have spoken about how your former pastor in Chicago, the Jeremiah Wright was critical in helping bring you to Christianity and is like part of your family. Can you tell us how he helped bring you closer to God?”

I felt his answer to this question was vague and he really did not talk about how it helped him to be closer to God.  His reply made me feel he is just playing the faith card.   

Towards the end of his this forum he made this statement, “On the other hand, what those of us of religious faith have to do when we’re in the public square is to translate our language into a universal language that can appeal to everybody.”

A person of faith, any faith, should never have to change their language just to appeal to others.  It is a known fact that you can never make everyone happy.  I am a Christian and I know that my beliefs are contrary to every other faith out there.  I am not going to change what I say to appeal to others.  No matter what anyone does in life they should never hide their faith, I believe that extends from every aspect of life including the public square such as politics.  i think politicians should not play the faith card but be who they are.  i believe the Democrats are playing the faith card to get votes.

Here is the transcript from the Compassion Forum on CNN.