President Obama’s 1000th Day In Office

It has been 1000 days since Obama has been in office and what would you say is Obama’s greatest achievement.   Without looking at his failures but only his achievements, what really stands out about his presidency so far.  So far I have to say the only two things that stand out are the capture and death of Osama Bin Laden and the fact that he is the first African American president. 

For a president, who ran on a platform of hope and change, not much has been accomplished in his first 1000 days in office.  I think things today are worse than before he came into office.

I believe many people who voted for Obama wanted to be apart of history.  Unfortunately when we vote for someone merely to be apart of history, we end up with a president that may go down as the worst president in history.  This administration blames all their problems on the previous administration but it is time for this administration to work with the Congress and compromise. 

My suggestion to both our president and members of Congress is simple, pay cut.  The president and Congress should work for minimum wage.  

Next I would suggest we cut spending.  We need to look at all areas  in the budget and determine what is waste and what is not.  It is hard to make spending cuts but it time to “man up” and make some serious cuts.  We can’t spend what we don’t have. 

Lastly there is a big debate about Obama Care.  A simple solution would be that the health care benefits enjoyed by our politicians should be accessible to the people as well.  Our politicians have a great health care plan but what about the people?  Premiums for health care have risen at an alarming rate the past few years and many companies are passing these increases to their employees to pay.  To be honest I would rather pay a tax for health care and allow all U.S citizens have access to health care coverage similar to the plan enjoyed by our politicians.

I think our president has an opportunity to accomplish much more in office but we will have to wait and see what he does with the rest of his term.


Thoughts on Politics

Wow, I am so happy the election is over. 

Yes, I did vote for John McCain but to be honest, I really did not like either candidate.  Barak Obama will be an interesting change for this nation.  He will have a tough task ahead of him with our struggling economy. I wish both Barak Obama and Joe Biden luck as they lead this nation starting in January.

I am now happy that I am no longer getting any political fliers in the mail.  I really miss all the Proposition 8 people standing on the street corner.  It was kind of funny to watch. 

I know either way there would be some aftermath to the result of Proposition 8 in California.  Proposition 8 made a change to the California Constitution defining marriage is between a man and a woman.  Proposition 8  passed in California and now there are numerous lawsuits filed against it.

Fun Facts about the Electoral College

In my early post, I ran a couple what if scenarios.  Ethan Flax’s article discusses some of the answers to my question in his article.  Below I have copied some of his article.

What if no one gets a majority of the Electoral College’s votes?

If no candidate can grab a majority (currently 270) of the Electoral College’s votes, the House of Representatives meets immediately to pick the new president.

In this situation, each state’s Congressmen get together and pick a candidate among the top three vote getters in the Electoral College balloting.

Each state’s delegation then casts one vote. This process keeps going on indefinitely until a single candidate receives a majority of the states’ votes.

The House of Representatives has picked two presidents: Thomas Jefferson in 1800 and

John Quincy Adams in 1824.Since electors also ballots for Vice President, the same situation can arise with that office. In these cases, the Senate immediately goes into session to pick a Vice President, although each Senator has his own vote.

The Senate votes until a candidate receives a majority of the cast votes. This sort of contingent election has happened just once.

In 1836 Martin Van Buren’s running mate, Richard M. Johnson needed 148 votes to win the Vice Presidency, but Virginia’s electors refused to vote for him.

As a result, he ended up stuck with 147 votes, and the Senate had to hold a contingent election, where Johnson cruised by Whig candidate Francis P. Granger.

Can the electors change their mind?

They can, but they then become what are known as “faithless electors.”

Technically, states make their electors pledge to vote in a certain way, and 24 states have laws that punish electors who decide to get cute and switch things up.

However, with a few exceptions like Michigan and Minnesota, votes cast by faithless electors still count in the final tally.

What happens if a president-elect dies?

The national election takes place Tuesday, but the Electoral College won’t formally meet to cast their votes until December 15.

If a candidate dies or becomes otherwise unfit to take office in the interim, a thorny issue pops up.

Some states, like Virginia, legally bind their electors to vote for the candidate whose name was on the general election ballot. Other states, though, are more flexible and would allow their electors to vote for the ticket’s vice-presidential candidate or other agreed-upon candidate.

Luckily, this scenario has never happened with an election winner.

In 1872, though, Democrat Horace Greeley died just over three weeks after Ulysses S. Grant thumped him in the election.

Because the Electoral College still had to meet to elect Grant, electors who would have voted for Greeley simply spread their 66 votes among other Democratic candidates.

As a result, Thomas Andrews Hendricks actually came in second in the election with 42 electoral votes despite not campaigning for the presidency; he was busy successfully running for Governor of Indiana.

Three electors actually voted for Greeley even though he was dead, which probably tells you all you need to know about the health of the Democratic Party during Reconstruction.

If the President elect dies after the Electoral College’s voting but before the inauguration, the Twentieth Amendment states that the Vice President elect becomes President.

What if Obama was born In Kenya?

What if Obama wins the election and it is determined that Obama is not a a native born US citizen?  Would Joe Biden become the next US President?

One more what if scenario.  What if the electoral vote is split and we have a tie. There is always a possibility that with 538 electors, there could be a tie with 269 votes for Obama and 269 votes for McCain. The vote would turn to Congress, with the House of Representatives voting for President and the Senate voting for Vice President.  Let’s say that the House votes for Obama for President and then the Senate votes for Palin for Vice President.  Later it comes out, that there is proof that Obama is not a native born US citizen, then would Sarah Palin be our US President?

Why doesn’t Obama submit his birth certificate to the public?  This would resolve the whole issue, if he is a native born US citizen.  It would be a tragedy, if the US elected a person who does not meet the requirement to be the president of the United States.  If Obama is elected president how could he swear to uphold the Constitution, if he is in violation of Article 2? 

Why take a chance on voting for Obama, if he is not a natural born US citizen?  Use your vote wisely, vote for John Mcain this Tuesday.  If you want to vote for Obama, then wait till Wednesday.  :>

Rise of the Roman Empire…Oops I mean the E.U. and M.U.

I ran across this article on Joel Rosenberg blog.  I had heard nothing of this in the media and it seems very intriguing what this is setting up for future events.  Below I have posted part of Joel’s article.

An intriguing new geopolitical entity was born over the weekend that could in ways small and large dramatically change the course of Europe and the Middle East in the years ahead. At a series of ceremonies in Paris — in a palace overlooking the River Seine — leaders from 43 countries comprising 756 million people met officially to form the “Mediterranean Union,” to fight terrorism, end WMD proliferation, enhance regional security, and promote free trade, economic development, and tourism. The brainchild of French President Nicolas Sarkzozy, the M.U. is certainly not a formal military or economic alliance by any stretch. Not yet, at least. But significantly, it does include all the nations of the European Union, Israel and all the countries of North Africa. The sole exception is Libya, whose leader, Muammar Gadaffi, denounced the organization as the rise of a “another Roman Empire.”Gadaffi is right.

Who will get my vote?

Today oil spiked up $11 to roughly $139 a barrel.  Experts predict that by July 4th weekend , we will be at $5 a gallon for gas.  There goes my plans for any long driving trips this summer.  It just hit $4 a gallon not too long ago and now we are talking about $5 a gallon.  Any bets we will be at $6  by the end of summer.

To all those in Congress and those running for President, I have some advice.  Forget about party politics, forget about the environment, forget about taxes, etc…  There is only one thing I am concern about and that is the price of gas.  All I care to hear about from anyone running for office is their plan to lower the price of gas.  If your plan is to start drilling in more places in the United States, then great.  If your plan is to make Iraq our 51st state, then great.  It is time to stop playing party politics and figure out a solution.  Otherwise, I think it is time, we the people, recall the lazy politicians out of office and replace them with someone else who is willing to do something.

Please remember that ever since that Democrats have had a majority control of the Congress, the price of gas has risen.  i thought their plan was to lower the price of gas.  Please let your voice be heard this November.

McCain, Clinton, Obama – Do We have any other Choice?

My dilemma will come this November.  More than likely Obama will be the Democrats’ nominee and McCain has already wrapped up the Republicans’ nominee. I really don’t care who takes the Democrats’ nominee, I don’t like either of them.

McCain I don’t trust.  Just look at his voting record.  He looks more like than a Democrat than a Republican.  I don’t like Obama or Clinton because the first thing either nominee would do is raise taxes.  i would trust McCain when it comes to foreign policy but I am not too sure about Obama.  i think I would trust Hillary in the foreign policy department. 

I would vote for Obama or Hillary if they are serious about fixing our health care system in the United States.  I believe every American should have access to health care.  Most people are against a universal health care system but with the rising cost of health insurance, i am all for it.  The amount I pay for premiums every months versus a tax, Ican’t imagine my tax would be higher than what I pay.  there are many Americans out there who need medical treatment and we should not deny them treatment because they can’t afford it.  Two if they do get treatment, then they are stuck with an outrageous bill.  Don’t be fooled, Hillary or Obama won’t fix it.  I remember when Hillary was First Lady, it was proposed early in Bill Clinton’s presidency but it faded away quickly.

So who is our third option?  Please don’t mention Ralph Nader.  I want to know if there are any other serious candidates out there.  Let’s hope we get a real candidate between now and November. Otherwise it is going to be a long four years.