Seattle vs. NBA

I am probally one of the biggest sports fan butI hate the fact when owners want the state to help pay for a new stadium.  I like the fact that the state of Washington and the city of Seattle are not pouring tax dollars into a new arena.  These owners and the NBA are making billions of dollars but they want the public to help finace their new arenas.  Seattle and the state of Washington has gotten it right by not finacing a new arena.  We waste too much money on our sports in America. 

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Monday Woes

Is it me or are Mondays seem to be the worst day of the week.  Every Monday at work some major problem occurs and I have to fix it. The last two Mondays at work have been like a blur to me.  Usually by Wednesday everything is back to normal.  I thought about asking for Mondays off but then Tuesday would be my bad day at work.

Well, my wife and I decided to buy a play kitchen for the kids.  We brought it home and started to put it together.  Ok, hold on,  I was watching her put it together.  Ten minutes after we started we notice one of the pieces had a major dent in it.  Well I guess it is back to Toys R Us.

Superbowl this weekend

I can’t believe it is here.  Ok so it is not the superbowl but this should be a great game.  Undefeated Patriots against the Undefeated Colts.  It is in Indy.  I know the Patriots look like the best team in the NFL but we will see how good they are on Sunday.  I have a gut feeling that this will be determined by a last minute touchdown drive and the winning quarterback is Peyton Manning.  This will be a great game.